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   Latvian court system is not working so effective yet in solving torts. Courts are very engaged so that’s the reason why people have to  wait on proceedings for several months. Those procedural norms allow playing for time to debtors or even escaping penalty at all.  Besides each verdict could be appeal at higher authority.

Legal services offered by Company e-gramatvediba.lv:

    consultation of alternatives of arbitrate

    consultation of dispute’s bringing to arbitrage justice

    drafting documentation to bring dispute to court of arbitrage

Acquisitions if dispute is brought to arbitrage justice:

    verdict of arbitrage justice is finite , unappeasable and enforceable immediately

    costs of proceedings and costs of legal aid are exacted from loser

    dispute is arbitrated in a one or two months

    confidentiality – sittings of court are closed and materials of case are not published

    If You need legal services, please contact us:

    Tel. (371) 29 112 333 (eng)

    e-mail: info@e-gramatvediba.lv

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