Legal services / Collection of debts                                                                                                                  

  Our bureau deals with the two levels of retrieval of debts - pretrial way and through the court.

Pretrial debt administration

The mutual agreement is concluded between you and our bureau. In accordance with the concluded agreement we undertake the negotiation matters with the debtor on your behalf. During the negotiation procedure we inform the debtor on the legal and accounting consequences coming into force if the debt is not returned voluntarily. We always search for the best way and try to solve problems in a way that would not spoil relations between our client and his debtors

Debts’ administration through the court

If it is not possible to retrieve the debt in the negotiation procedure , we bring a juridically correct claim statement to the court . The claim statement is always brought with the consent of a client . In this case our service is remunerated in accordance to the specificity of each case.

Other legal services:

    to prepare and correctly execute the necessary debt commitment documents (promissory notes , loan contracts , miscellaneous types of contracts on sale of goods, debt payment graphic and other documents)

    to prepare debt guarantee documents (commerce deposit, mortgage, warrant)

    to organize the negotiations between the debtor and the creditor for the dispute resolution

    to workout the debt cede, clearing or conciliation documentation

    representation at the court

    consultations in view of everything mentioned above

If You need legal services, please contact us:

Tel. (371) 29 112 333 (eng, ru, lv)

e-mail: info@e-gramatvediba.lv

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