Legal services / Drafting of contracts                                                                                                                    

e-gramatvediba.lv offers 2 kinds of legal contract processing:

Screening and correction:

If the cooperation agreement is proposed by your partners, the logical suggestion would be to screen the proposed agreement . In many cases though, contracts are signed without proper prior analysis of the proposed version of the agreement. Juridical analysis of contracts is the competence of a lawyer, and you can count on it in our bureau.

Drafting new contracts:

If you want to develop cooperation and to offer your contract Company e-gramatvediba will make a legally correct contract draft according to existing legislation and your interests.

In the same way we offer legal consultations in the view of mentioned above.

If You need legal services, please contact us:

Tel. (371) 29 112 333 (eng)

e-mail: info@e-gramatvediba.lv


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